Life's Grandeur:A Journey of Evolution

In this exhibition, diverse and dynamic life forms are presented with the evolutionary progress after several significant extinction events and environmental changes that took place on Earth.

1F │ NATURAL HISTORY & FOSSILS │ Permanent exhibition

The planet Earth is 4.6 billion years old. It has a 3.5 billion year evolutionary history of life. After numerous extinction events, environmental changes and challenges over a long period of time, everything finally came together to give us all of the resplendent life forms we see on Earth today.

" Life's Grandeur — A Journey of Evolution" begins with a timeline of the history of life on Earth, using fossil record to reveal the planet's dynamic environment and merciless extinction events. This exhibition uses animal specimens from all over the world, combined with ecological and environmental scenery, to show the various ways that life has struggled to survive in the changing world. The tenacity of life is remarkable. Let's bear witness to the mysteries of biological evolution as it has been slowly unraveled over time.

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