The Sense of Beauty:The Western Arts from 13th-20th Century

In this permanent exhibition, the artworks from 13th to 20th century will be displayed in chronological order, allowing visitors to follow the trail of Western art development.

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13th-16th Century : Divinity and Humanity
The conversion to Christianity of the Roman Empire at the end of the 4th century initiated 1000-year-long relationship of art inextricably intertwined with faith. In this era, church decorations of either paintings or sculptures all served to glorify the Lord. The themes mainly involved religious doctrines, moral teachings, the saints, Bible stories and parables while the works remained symbolic and decorative in their artistic expressions. Since the High Middle Ages, however, people became increasingly concerned with their own values, the secular life, and the objective world. In addition, under the influence of the Renaissance and Classicism, art gradually developed a form that represented nature, realism and ideals of beauty.