The Sense of Beauty:The Western Arts from 13th-20th Century

In this permanent exhibition, the artworks from 13th to 20th century will be displayed in chronological order, allowing visitors to follow the trail of Western art development.

2F │ FINE ARTS │ Permanent exhibition

Art is not merely personal expressions of the artists, but also reflects the expectations of their patrons, while encompassing trends, humanism, value systems, beliefs, a socio-political context and contemporary tastes and aesthetics. In every period, art inherits earlier conventions but presents a unique expression of its time while presaging the arrival of the next. Thus, understanding works of art has become one of the best ways for people to learn about the past, to experience the present and to envision the future. This exhibition attempts to present western art sequentially in its progress of four periods from the 13th to 20th century.

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