The Sense of Beauty:The Western Arts from 13th-20th Century

In this permanent exhibition, the artworks from 13th to 20th century will be displayed in chronological order, allowing visitors to follow the trail of Western art development.

3F │ FINE ARTS │ Permanent exhibition

Sketching _ the first step in creation
For many artists, sketching is the foundation for painting. Sketching is also a form of expression that best shows the artist’s unique style. There are a variety of usage for sketching. The convenience and the speed makes it useful for composition, and because of its unique texture, a sketch can also represent as an art itself.

The diversity of painting materials
A wide variety of materials is used in painting with each offering different effects and textures. Pieces on the same theme using different materials will give you a completely different effect. The materials used most frequently on western paintings in this area include sketching, watercolors, pastels, and printmaking. Analyzing the materials and techniques used in the making of art allows us to better understand the artistic creations themselves.