The Sound of Music:Making, Playing and Recording

This exhibition consists of three major instruments from Chimei's collection: Folk musical instruments, Orchestral instruments and Mechanical musical instruments. This exhibition presents the diverse musical instruments under the evolution of human creativity.

2F │ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS │ Permanent exhibition

The sound of music can inspire you to love or make you want to fight. Whether you play it, sing it or hear it, a piece of music can change your day, or your world. But have you ever thought about how far we have come from making music by banging two pieces of wood together to streaming music over the internet?

Music from the Nature
The first musical sounds that early humans listened to were the rhythms created by nature like raindrops falling on leaves. People learned to imitate these sounds of nature with crude materials. But over time and as human industry developed, musical instruments were invented that turned nature's rhythms into sophisticated music. And as cultural exchange across continents expanded, the sound of music grew richer. The first part of the music gallery tells the story of how the sound of music has developed through human creativity and ingenuity.

The Rise of the Musicians
When musicians realised that new and powerful sounds could be produced from playing different instruments and notes at the same time, polyphonic music was born. This reached its zenith with the symphonic orchestra. Discover the “Walk-in Orchestra” exhibition in the second part of the gallery. Here you can wander between musical notes and the numerous instruments of an orchestra that produce them.

Bring the Music Home
By developing an understanding of how sound is produced, early recording pioneers discovered a way to re-produce music with “mechanical musicians”. The early story of recording right up to the modern mp3 player is told in the third part of the gallery.

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