The Sound of Music:Making, Playing and Recording

This exhibition consists of three major instruments from Chimei's collection: Folk musical instruments, Orchestral instruments and Mechanical musical instruments. This exhibition presents the diverse musical instruments under the evolution of human creativity.

3F │ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS │ Permanent exhibition

Orchestral music has been played for centuries. But as the size of the audience and performance spaces grew, from private receptions in royal salons to public performances in huge concert halls, the composition of the orchestra changed. As well as needing more musicians, orchestras also needed to adapt to the arrival of new instruments.

Orchestral music reached its peak in the 19th century. And today, barring some regional differences, the configuration of an orchestra is quite stable. This structure ensures that the audience hears, as closely as possible, the sound the conductor wishes to crea te and that each musician has a clear view of the conductor. Unfortunately it also means that the musicians don't get to hear the music as well as the audience does.

Our walk-in orchestra has been set up in the same way as Beethoven or Brahms would have organized theirs and you will be able to walk into it! If you want to have a closer look at the instruments, Chimei Museum, together with KHS, revel to you the secret inside of them. Moreover, thanks to the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO), Taiwan, and its musicians, you will have the chance to walk between the musicians while they talk about their instruments or even while they are performing.

Go in and try the places out for yourself and discover how the instruments and the role of each section works. If you want to be the boss, try out the conductor’s place too.