Early Violins from Various Schools : Great Makers and Their Works

The unique and renowned violins exhibited here aimed to guide visitors to learn about the early luthiers and their great works, in addition, to understand the process of bow and violin making.

2F │ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS │ Permanent exhibition

Among Western musical instruments, the violin, viola, cello and double bass all belong to the violin family of the bowed string instruments. The instruments of the violin family are highly expressive, whether they are played solo or in an ensemble. In the age when everything was handcrafted luthiers used their craftsmanship and tools to explore and create the most exquisite designs and molds. Each instrument is not only a symbol of its creator's intelligence and skill, but also encapsulates several centuries of instrument making traditions and techniques, above all it shows all luthiers' efforts of pursuing excellence and perfecting violin making craftsmanship. This exhibit primarily includes the earliest instruments made by luthiers from various countries across Europe. Looking at their shapes and appearance, one can try to imagine what it sounded like hundreds of years ago when they were first played by their creators. In this exhibit, we explore the impeccable beauty of the violin family instruments and the aesthetic beauty and creativity they have inspired throughout history.

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