Attack and Defense : The Evolution of Arms and Armour

In this exhibition, the arms and armour are divided into European section and non-European section to display the crafting techniques, adornment style and cultural characteristics of these weaponry worldwide.

1F │ ARMS & ARMOUR │ Permanent exhibition

From the time when the Paleolithic people first started using stone tools for hunting, weapons have been an inseparable part of the history of mankind. As metallurgy and other craft skills became more advanced, the functionality of weapons evolved from simple hunting to progressive equipments for attack and defense. The evolution of weaponry has always been in close ties with the development of human civilization.

The Museum's Arms and Armour section is divided into two main galleries:the European Gallery and the Non-European Gallery.  Over the years, a complex variety of weapons have been used in Europe, with the most important categories being edged weapons and gunpowder weapons. In the European Gallery, each category of weapon is shown in its individual display cabinet; visitors can explore much more in-depth of the types that they are particularly interested in. We sincerely hope that there will be no more wars in this world, and that all the weapons will only exist in the museums for exhibitions.

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