Have you ever heard of a microscope that can magnify objects over 2000 times that a young child can fold from paper ?  How about a scorpion with eight segmented legs, pincers, and tail crafted from a single sheet of paper without cuts or glue ?  Chimei Museum proudly displays these and nearly 400 other works of folding in a new exhibition, Origami Universe.  This is the largest ever exhibition of origami in the world, with more than 60 artists, designers, scientists, and researchers from over 20 countries.

Chimei Museum is dedicated to offering its public truly inspiring exhibitions.  We know you will have a completely different view of origami after seeing Origami Universe.  It is our hope that Origami Universe will encourage people of all ages to have fun and be innovative through folding.  You will be amazed by the possibilities of folding paper !
  Come explore our Origami Universe!