Beyond the Shadows

Have you ever noticed the existence of shadows around you?
In real life, we are bound to perceive the existence and changes of "light," but rarely do we pay attention to the "shadow" behind the light. Beyond the Shadows is a collection of fifteen artists from Taiwan and abroad, these works have subverted the superior-subordinate relationship between light and shadow and will bring you the most astonishing viewing experience of “shadows” in life.

2019.07.13 - 2020.08.31


Ticket Information
紅皇冠  Highly Recommended   Ticket selling starts from 2019/7/13

《Permanent+Temporary Exhibitions》
Dual Package
NT$380(Original price NT$500)

General Admission NT$300   General public

Discount Ticket NT$250        (1) Students age 7-22
       (2) Aged 65 and above​
       (3) Tainan residents  (with a valid ID)
       (4) Students holding Tainan City Student ID
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* (3), must provide valid Taiwan Citizen ID 
(4), only with valid Tainan City School ID,  not valid with online schools, part-time students, community                   college, language and learning centers

Free Ticket
With valid ID
  (1) Aged 6 and under * (1), must provide valid ID (with picture and birth date)
       (2) Persons with a valid handicap certificate and one companion visiting together
       (3) Tour guides holding identification passes issued by Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C.                          Republic of China, Taiwan

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